• Disruption: A Trilogy on Unnamed Sensations

    Stave first: Lost Brainfreeze is all there is to it. Nothingness in my line of vision. Stave second: Taken You live in my head Like cancer You disrupt my system As Y2K would A system ...

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    Disruption: A Trilogy on Unnamed Sensations
  • A Fire in the Soul

    "You are the Chosen One." The Chosen One. To this very day, those words echo through my consciousness whenever I look at the other mountains surrounding my home. I live in Himalay, which had the ...

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    A Fire in the Soul
  • The Voyage

    Cutting through waves A swath of foam; Green-gray curdles Trail underfoot. A raft of makeshift hopes, Adrift for days And aimless: Steered blindly on. Beyond the mist, Cobbles and rock-bits ...

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    The Voyage
  • Graduation Day

    It dawns like a day Of impending doom: I stand on the cracked second-floor corridor And stare at the rusty bars Of the three-decade-old balcony. A guttural prayer escapes my chapped lips For I ...

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    Graduation Day
  • Who Cares

    I live this strange little existence--I don't even know what it's supposed to be. Strangled, laden with shattered stuff: fragments of a heart once beating and pumping tangy blood. I breathe ...

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    Who Cares

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