• Foodcourt

    He sits on the mocha-brown wood and watches the angst-ridden crowd sweep by like the dust he used to sweep when the back still held. (There is no end to them.) He stays unperturbed in ...

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  • Shoes

    The soles antediluvian of my hollow being sustain with silent patience, or patient silence, the blunt end of your insecurities and neuroses. Have you ever thought of the beatings I get from ...

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  • Fudge

    I. Dribbling dribbling against the hardcourt of your upper-lip stubble in dark brown streaks and streaky white. II. Rivulets of hot fudge sundae toppings dispensed as circular tracks or ...

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  • Coffee Break

    I love coffee. This is a simple declaration of fact. I am not saying that I love coffee as a last resort to resurrect a dying showbiz career as an endorser for this amphetamine-loaded brew. Neither ...

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    Coffee Break
  • Dancing in the Rain

    Prologue Morning came with a bitch wind--the kind that carried dirt and muck that stuck on the skin and never washed out. The wind screamed for blood and pain. Adam Delgado shivered. Dammit, but it ...

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    Dancing in the Rain

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